#004 Charmander

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Charmander model

The flame that burns at the tip of its tail is an indication of its emotions. The flame wavers when Charmander is enjoying itself. If the Pokémon becomes enraged, the flame burns fiercely.


Generation 1 (Kanto)
When was it last seen? 1 week ago
How many times was it seen? 552372 seen
Spawn rate <1 / day
Gyms protected by Charmander 6
When was the last raid? 3 weeks ago
How many raids were there? 3483 seen
Best quick move Scratch
Best special move Flamethrower

Where can you hunt Charmander?


Charmander stats breakdown

2.5 / 10
Battle rating

highest CP

24 %
compared to highest in game

highest HP

17 %
compared to highest in game

Charmander Evolutions