#361 Snorunt

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Snorunt model

Snorunt live in regions with heavy snowfall. In seasons without snow, such as spring and summer, this Pokémon steals away to live quietly among stalactites and stalagmites deep in caverns.


Generation 3 (Hoenn)
When was it last seen? 1 day ago
How many times was it seen? 907842 seen
Spawn rate <1 / day
Gyms protected by Snorunt 0
When was the last raid? 3 years ago
How many raids were there? 2297 seen
Best quick move ?
Best special move ?

Where can you hunt Snorunt?


Snorunt stats breakdown

2.5 / 10
Battle rating

highest CP

22 %
compared to highest in game

highest HP

22 %
compared to highest in game

Snorunt Evolutions


100 Candies