#136 Flareon

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Flareon model

Flareon's fluffy fur has a functional purpose—it releases heat into the air so that its body does not get excessively hot. This Pokémon's body temperature can rise to a maximum of 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit.


Generation 1 (Kanto)
When was it last seen? 2 hours ago
How many times was it seen? 31095 seen
Spawn rate 49 / day
Gyms protected by Flareon 7
When was the last raid? 1 year ago
How many raids were there? 1657 seen
Best quick move Fire Spin
Best special move Overheat

Where can you hunt Flareon?


Flareon stats breakdown

7.5 / 10
Battle rating

highest CP

75 %
compared to highest in game

highest HP

27 %
compared to highest in game

Flareon Evolutions


25 Candies