#117 Seadra

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Seadra model

Seadra sleeps after wriggling itself between the branches of coral. Those trying to harvest coral are occasionally stung by this Pokémon's poison barbs if they fail to notice it.


Generation 1 (Kanto)
When was it last seen? 3 months ago
How many times was it seen? 17209 seen
Spawn rate <1 / day
Gyms protected by Seadra 0
When was the last raid? 1 year ago
How many raids were there? 779 seen
Best quick move Water Gun
Best special move Hydro Pump

Where can you hunt Seadra?


Seadra stats breakdown

5.5 / 10
Battle rating

highest CP

52 %
compared to highest in game

highest HP

24 %
compared to highest in game

Seadra Evolutions


25 Candies


100 Candies